About us

WIN Professionals, formerly Fil-Overseas Professionals, LLC is an international nursing recruitment agency. Fil-Overseas Ireland, Limited (Dublin, Ireland) and Fil-Overseas UK, Ltd (London, England) were established in 2003. Fil-Overseas Professionals, LLC was established in 2007 and recently changed its name to Workforce International Network (WIN Professionals) in 2017.

♦  We have vast experience in International Recruitment, Job Placement, Immigration, and Training/Education. Our main goal is to help employers recruit highly qualified Nurses from foreign countries and help foreign-educated nurses find employers that match their professional skills and nursing experience. 

♦  We have a pool of foreign-educated nurses who are currently working in tertiary hospitals, specialized areas, and state of the art facilities like hospitals in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Ireland, and the USA. We also recruit local nurses from Jamaica, Mexico, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, and the Philippines. 


To provide a bridge for employer and applicant to meet its hiring requirements and employment needs.


To fill nursing shortage by providing a continuous flow of International recruitment of foreign-educated nurses.